Crewneck CORTEIZ Alcatraz Grey

Crewneck CORTEIZ Alcatraz Grey

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Immerse yourself in the rebellious spirit of Corteiz with the Crewneck CORTEIZ Alcatraz Grey. This piece is not just a garment; it's a statement of defiance and exclusivity, crafted by the visionary British-Nigerian designer, Clint Ogbenna. Since its inception in 2017, Corteiz has captivated the urban fashion scene with its enigmatic releases and the iconic Alcatraz logo, symbolizing a fortress of uniqueness and resistance against the mainstream.

The Crewneck CORTEIZ Alcatraz Grey embodies the brand's core ethos of unpredictability and limited availability. Each piece is a treasure, veiled in mystery until its release, making it a coveted item among the fashion-forward and collectors alike. The allure of this crewneck lies in its premium quality and the clandestine charm that Corteiz is renowned for. Echoing the practices of streetwear titans like Supreme, this crewneck is more than just clothing—it's part of a movement.

Worn by icons such as Drake and Central Cee, it not only represents urban luxury but also stands as a badge of honor for those in the know. Demand for this exclusive piece remains high, with inventory levels reflecting its limited edition status. Secure your part of streetwear history with the Crewneck CORTEIZ Alcatraz Grey, and embody the spirit of the underground that is Corteiz.

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