Pants UNKNOWN Nylon Zip

Pants UNKNOWN Nylon Zip

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Introducing the latest innovation from Unknown London: the Nylon Zip Pants. Crafted with precision, these pants epitomize the fusion of luxury and streetwear, a signature of Unknown London since its inception by Joe Granger and Callum Vineer in 2016. Known for their groundbreaking approach to UK streetwear, Unknown London continues to push boundaries, blending nostalgic Y2K influences with modern-day flair.

The Nylon Zip Pants are designed for the fashion-forward individual. Featuring a sleek, urban design with functional zippers, these pants offer both style and versatility. The high-quality nylon fabric ensures durability and comfort, making them suitable for both a casual day out or a high-energy evening event.

As part of a limited collection, these pants reflect Unknown London's commitment to exclusive, high-quality garments that resonate with contemporary trends while staying true to the street culture that inspired their brand. The popularity of their recent collaborations and pop-up stores in Soho is a testament to the brand's growing influence and the high demand for their unique pieces. 

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