Collier CHROME HEARTS Cross Violette

Collier CHROME HEARTS Cross Violette

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Introducing the Chrome Hearts Cross Violette Necklace, a quintessential emblem of the brand's luxurious defiance and rock'n'roll spirit. Founded in the heart of Los Angeles in 1988, Chrome Hearts has established itself as a beacon of artistic rebellion, seamlessly blending gothic and punk influences with high-end fashion. This necklace, a standout piece in our collection, captures the essence of Chrome Hearts with its intricate craftsmanship and bold, provocative design.

Each Cross Violette Necklace is handcrafted by seasoned artisans, ensuring that every detail is perfected to embody the brand's commitment to quality and artistic integrity. The iconic cross motif, a signature of Chrome Hearts, is elegantly reimagined in this piece, making it not just a necklace, but a statement of individuality and high fashion.

 This particular necklace has garnered significant attention, reflecting its popularity and exclusivity. With only a limited number available, it remains a coveted item among collectors and fashion enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of rebellious luxury to their wardrobe.

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