Cargo Shorts CORTEIZ Alcatraz Black

Cargo Shorts CORTEIZ Alcatraz Black

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Introducing the Cargo Shorts CORTEIZ Alcatraz Black, a testament to the audacious spirit of Corteiz, the London-based streetwear label that has been redefining the boundaries of urban fashion since 2017. Designed by the visionary Clint Ogbenna, these shorts embody the raw, underground ethos of a brand that's as enigmatic as it is influential.

Crafted for the bold and the fearless, the Alcatraz Black Cargo Shorts feature the iconic Alcatraz logo, symbolizing a commitment to exclusivity and avant-garde aesthetics. The design is both functional and stylish, making a statement with its oversized pockets and robust material that stands up to the rigors of both adventure and daily wear.

Perfect for those who value rarity in their wardrobe, these shorts are part of a limited release, ensuring that each piece is as unique as its wearer. The allure of Corteiz is magnified by its cult-like following and celebrity endorsements, making each drop a coveted event.

Demand for these shorts remains high, reflecting the brand's successful strategy of creating anticipation and exclusivity with every release. Stock levels are currently low, indicating not only the popularity but also the limited availability of this exceptional garment. Secure your piece of streetwear history with the Cargo Shorts CORTEIZ Alcatraz Black, and embody the rebellious spirit of Corteiz with every wear.

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